Nazis in Antarctica

There’s something really great about Nazis.

No, no, hear me out. Nazis are awful. The Holocaust was a terrible, horrible ordeal that harbored unimaginable evil.

But Nazis are good for something – they make amazing villains.

They’re the easy bad guys. Indian Jones antagonist? Nazis. Zombies in Norway? Nazis. Basis for many conspiracy theories, including the Denver International Airport? …you guessed it, Nazis.

I stumbled across one the other day I really enjoyed – one that was ridiculous and reminded me of the “great” thriller Iron Sky, where Nazis create a base on the dark side of the moon.

According to UFO Sightings (and a few other sources), there may be two possible entrances to an alien spacecraft/government base/Nazi headquarters visible on Google Earth in the middle of Antarctica. 

There’s actually a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding Nazis and ancient aliens. I’m pretty sure the Nazi/Alien conspiracy has its own genre. And delving even further are the theories that Hitler actually escaped World War II and made it to Argentina or the Antarctic base. Or the moon. Whatever.

These caves in Antarctica, though, can mean a lot of things. 1) Hitler and the Nazis are still living there – waiting for the right moment for world domination, 2) Ancient Aliens have been hiding out there for quite some time, 3) Natural erosion of the earth, 4) ?????

The best theory I could find – though there were many – was the idea that the Nazis sent a ton of scientists to Antarctica and discovered a huge network of underground caves, where they built an entire city full of swastikas and German polka music. And also at some point they discovered ancient technology or made contact with aliens and made flying saucers and other superweapons.

I’d watch it. C’mon, admit it. So would you.

Of course, there is a teeny amount of truth to this theory. In 1938, the Nazis really did go to Antarctica. Only it was for whaling purposes, not for building secret underground bases. Probably.

I really like the idea of buried UFO technology in random places – I watched too much Stargate SG-1 as a child – but I’m not willing to believe the Frozen Nazi theory.  The theory (or theories…seriously, ya’ll, there are so many Nazi conspiracies out there….) doesn’t pass Carl Sagan’s Baloney Test and even got enough attention for a 21-page scholarly article disputing the presence of Nazis anywhere in Antarctica.

Nazis are probably not in Antarctica, Argentina, America, the moon, Mars, or the Denver International Airport. But hey – a girl can dream, can’t she?

Everyone loves the Nazis! (Kidding)

Everyone loves the Nazis! (Kidding)


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